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Bay Watch

HO6 Coverage

Dear Valued Owners:


It goes without saying that the last couple of years the insurance industry has been hit hard with losses.  The past three years, not only have coastal counties seen very active hurricane seasons with record breaking losses, but insurance losses from wild fires in California, flooding in the Midwest and other natural catastrophes have resulted in many insurance companies reviewing the exposures that they have underwritten.  One of the hardest hit insurers has been Lloyds of London.


We just learned, today, that the lead underwriter from Lloyds of London has elected not to continue on our HO-6 program due to the substantial losses they have paid, not only this year but over the last 4 years.  We have been working with our broker to determine if there is a viable option.  Our broker has been advised that there is another lead underwriter who is going to be offering terms for our upcoming renewal and possibly replacing the current lead underwriter.  Our broker also expects to hear from another carrier later this week.


We wanted to send this out to all unit owners, as you will be receiving a letter in the mail stating the coverage is being non-renewed; however, we will be sending another email out within the coming weeks to confirm that replacement coverage has been secured.  At this point, there is nothing that needs to be done by you.


The insurance market is definitely having trying times, but we are working through them to ensure we continue to provide the unit owners with the best possible coverage at the best possible pricing.  We are working diligently on finding a replacement for your HO6 coverage and to ensure there is no lapse in your coverage.


Door painting process

The process for each door is as follows:


Day 1:

-          Scrape door

-          Apply Bondo to fill holes, dents, uneven spots where old paint will not come off.

-          Apply Primer

(locks stay on door, however door must be open for work to be done)


Day 2:

-          Remove all locks

-          Paint door

-          Reinstall locks at end of day (doors open while work is being done)


We understand there will be some special circumstances, where a door cannot be opened, or a guest refuses to open.  This is built into the schedule with most weeks ending the schedule Thursday to allow getting to the doors that may have been missed.  Guest doors will be the priority, however the scope of this project includes all electrical closets, fire doors, stairwell doors, and hallway windows on every floor.  Thursday – Saturday are also catch up days for common area doors if there was insufficient time while doing units.

Please click on "Baywatch Door Schedule" under notice to view the schedule.


If you need a copy of the Flood Certificate of Insurance you may print it yourself, it is under the heading Insurance Summary.



Master Deed

Download Master Deed

Certificate of Insurance

Download Certificate of Insurance

Bay Watch

Annual Meeting Minutes

Residential Assessments

Room/Bedrooms# UnitsOwner Percent2018 Monthly Rate2019 Monthly RateInsurance AssessmentHO6 AssessmentTotal Assessments
1 Bedroom2460.1425%$405$417$786$279$6,073
2 Bed Deluxe1000.2491%$708$730$1,374$320$10,448
2 Bed Stand660.2135%$607$625$1,177$320$9,000
3 Bedroom600.3131%$890$917$1,726$420$13,150