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The entry code for the property will be updated starting on April 1, 2024; the new code is #2412, and will work on all entrances (garage, buildings, and beach access gates). We do realize there needs to be a transition period to accommodate existing guests, so the code of #1072 (and 1234 for the beach access gates) will continue to work up until the morning of May 1, 2024. Codes #1072 and 1234 will no longer work on May 1st, so please inform your rental guests and/or your rental companies.



August 16, 2023

Dear Valued Owners, 

The elevators at Bay Watch Resort are a crucial element of the facilities, and have an expected lifespan of 20 to 25 years. As the buildings were originally constructed in 2001 through 2003, the elevator systems are now reaching their expected life. During the 2023 annual owners meeting, one of the topics that was discussed was a multi-year project addressing the elevators at Bay Watch Resort. The first phase of this project began in 2020 and involved upgrading various hardware components, and that work is being completed this year. The second and final phase of the project is modernization, which entails updating the supporting machinery and controls as well as remodeling the elevator interiors. The cost for the first phase of the project was approximately $950k, while the second phase will cost $3.6M over three years. These costs are paid using the Association’s reserves, which are funded through the monthly dues paid by each owner. This modernization work has become increasingly imperative, as a number of the components that control the elevators are no longer manufactured and can’t be replaced if they fail and are unable to be repaired.

The modernization work will be occurring during the shoulder and slow seasons over the next three years, starting in September each year and ending in May of the following year. Each tower will be modernized in the order that the towers were originally constructed, meaning that tower 1 will be modernized the first year, followed by tower 3 the second year, and then tower 2 and the garage the third year. Only one elevator will be taken offline at a time while the modernization work is being completed. That elevator will be returned to service prior to taking another offline.

Your understanding and patience during these activities is appreciated.


Your Board of Directors

Baywatch Resort Homeowners’ Association

July 28, 2023

Dear Valued Homeowners,
Baywatch Resort HOA's contracted security company (AP Security) has updated their communication process.  Please review the following information. 
The new dispatch number is 866-332-0911. This number will be answered 24 hours a day. This line is used to report security issues on the property that the on-duty security officer will respond to. The dispatch number will be used for all of the properties they service so it is important for the caller to specify what property they are calling from and provide as much information as possible about the issue.
Please note that if you call the dispatch number outside of the normal guard hours then dispatch will not be able to assist you.  You will need to call the appropriate emergency service for assistance or call back during security shift hours which is 2pm-6am. 
Thank you and have a great weekend,
Resort Association Management


May 10, 2023

Dear Valued Homeowners,

The Baywatch Resort Homeowners Association provides a range of services for the members, including internet and telephone service within each unit. When possible, services have been negotiated with multi-year contracts to minimize cost and reduce uncertainty in yearly budgeting. The contracts covering internet and phone services have reached the end of their terms and the Board has negotiated and signed a new contract for these services. The new five-year contract bundles broadband internet and phone services, and is with IPacket Network Texas, LLC. As such, this new contract represents a yearly cost reduction for the Association. This contract will entail several improvements that will occur in the coming months.

Beginning Monday, May 15, 2023, starting in Tower I from the top floor working downward through the entire building, IPacket will be on site and will be entering units to replace various hardware components of the internet and phone systems with new, state-of-the-art fiber optic equipment. This will include the installation of dual band WiFi 6 802.11ax access points in each unit. The work is expected to take three to four weeks to complete for the entire site, and the costs for equipment, installation and maintenance are included in the yearly fee. Service disruptions during the installation process are expected to be minimal. Installation time will take roughly 10-15 minutes per unit.  Granting I-packet techs access into your unit by either yourself or your guests is paramount to have this project completed in the upcoming weeks/months. Please make sure the HOA has a working key or code for your unit.  Please share this correspondence with your rental company and/or guests. 

This new equipment will increase internet speeds for all units to 100MB and will upgrade the wireless internet service to WiFi 6 standards. Individual owners will also have the option to upgrade their unit up to 1GB service through a subscription with IPacket at an additional cost paid directly by the homeowner. Additionally, the new system will bring the building into compliance with the Ray Baum Act, which requires phone systems to provide dispatchable location information when making calls to 911. You or your guests may contact Ipacket with any wifi issues or general questions at 1-877-912-1550.

We hope that the benefits of this change are well received by the members. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to RAM.


Resort Association Management

On Behalf of Your Board of Directors



South Carolina Emergency Management Division

Master Deed

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Residential Assessments

Room/Bedrooms# UnitsOwner PercentPrevious Monthly RateMonthly RateInsurance AssessmentTotal Assessments
1 Bedroom2460.14%$502.10$542.27$440.05
2 Bed Deluxe1000.25%$877.71$947.92$769.23
2 Bed Stand660.21%$752.26$812.44$659.30
3 Bedroom600.31%$1,103.21$1,191.47$966.86