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Sands Ocean Club Homeowners




Sands Ocean Club Homeowners Association, Inc.

9550 Shore Drive, Myrtle Beach SC 29572


Email     Fax (843) 497-8577


September 9, 2020



Dear Member:


We are very pleased to inform you that COVID-19 cases in Horry County have dramatically subsided and continue to remain very low. Both Resort Association Management, Inc. and Island Resort Company employees, together with all food and beverage employees, are wearing masks and sanitizing all public areas regularly.


Many states have placed restrictions on their citizens who travel to Myrtle Beach or other resort areas and require them to be quarantined for a period of 14 days upon their return home, resulting in missed work and lost wages.  As containment of this virus improves and vaccines become available, we are hopeful these restrictions will be gradually lifted as this is the largest obstacle that we are facing in our efforts to restore normal occupancy.


The improvements to our pools, the addition of a new mushroom feature in our lazy river, and the newly paved pool decks have been enthusiastically received by our owners and guests.


 We are hearing from many owners and guests they cannot wait to come back to the beach, so we remain very optimistic about the future and the continued success of our resort.


Property values at Sands Ocean Club have seen a very significant improvement during 2020, far outpacing previous years. Even during this unusual time selling prices are increasing.


Please find Important Information regarding the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting enclosed for your review.


      For the Sands Ocean Club HOA, Inc.

      Board of Directors


     A W Harrison, Managing Agent

**See below, under notices for important information & the BOD Application form.









To: All Sands Ocean Club Homeowners

Dear Homeowners:

This information is being provided to you at the request of the Island Resort Company:    

  • Due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus and reduced staffing together with Island Resort Company’s need to focus on providing services for their customers, beginning August 1, 2020 Island Resort Company will no longer be accepting mail, packages, deliveries, or other items addressed to owners who are not on the In-House Island Resort Company rental program. This includes all deliveries to the front desk.
  • Those of you who are affected by this should make immediate arrangements to have your mail and all other deliveries redirected to a postal box or alternative recipient (this could be your rental agent, a friend, or a mail service).

The following information is being provided by the Sands Ocean Club Homeowners Association, Inc.: 

  • Please be aware that the Homeowners Association does not accept or manage mail or other deliveries for Owners or their guests.

These measures are being established permanently.

Thank you for attention to these matters and your kind cooperation.




A W Harrison, Managing Agent

Sands Ocean Club Homeowners Association, Inc.









We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unchartered territories together. We are eager to be able to return to business as usual, and hope that you are all doing well. We are doing our best to be accommodating as well as adhere to the CDC recommendations. For the most up to date information, please visit: ,



Please review the Rules and Regulations (located under notice) adopted by your Board of Directors during their November 27, 2019 Board meeting. These policies will take effect on January 1, 2020. Please review them carefully in order to prevent any inconvenience to you or your guests. 


Sands Ocean Club Homeowners