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Sands Ocean Club Timeshare

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Hurricane Dorian Update - Date: 8/31/19

Dear Timeshare,

As we approach hurricane season once again, we advise you to make the proper arrangements with the timeshare office. If you do not plan on using your week because of weather concerns, we are more than willing to help assist in exchanging your week for a different week in the 2019-year based on availability. The exchange needs to be initiated before your week arrives.

Due to the high-volume calls, we strongly advise to use the website ( The website was built to exchange and upgrade rooms for all of our guest. If you need any assistance please call the timeshare office as we can walk you through it.

If you are currently here at the resort and plan on leaving early due to evacuation, please let the Timeshare Office know or leave a message with the after hour hot line which is 843-449-2204 ex 4200.

Contact Information:

Guest Services:



Office: 843-449-2204 ex.4200

Timeshare Director:



Office: 843-449-2204 ex.4093

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 SOC-GuestNet      (No Spaces)


Sands Ocean Club Timeshare

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