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                                       Carolinian Resort HOA, Inc

                                                                                                                May 1, 2019



Dear Member,

We have been informed by USI Insurance Services that they are unable to find a carrier to provide competitive pricing for the bulk H0-6 insurance program covering all units at Carolinian Resort HOA,Inc.. Therefore, on May 26, 2019 your current H0-6 policy that was previously secured for you by the HOAwill expire. You must take action prior to May 26, 2019 to ensure you do not incur a lapse in this essential insurance coverage.

A H0-6 policy is a necessity for condominium owners and includes insurance on all your personal belongings, furniture, fixtures and equipment, loss of rental income or loss of use and provides a liability insurance component in the event of an accident or injury in your unit.

If you have a mortgage, your lender most likely requires a H0-6 policy. In addition, if you rent your unit your rental agent most likely also requires a policy with adequate coverage.

The Board of Directors has enacted a policy that all owners must obtain a H0-6 policy and provide proof of coverage to the HOA property manager (Resort Association Management) no later than May26,2019.

We urge you to contact your insurance agent immediately to purchase a policy and to obtain a declaration page in order to provide proof of coverage to the HOA. A copy of this page must be forwarded to Resort Association Management. For your convenience, we have enclosed a prepaid postage envelope addressed to Resort Association Management for this purpose.

You may also fax your declaration page to 843-497-8577 or email it to


Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Resort Association Management office at 843-449-2204 and dial ext. 4090.


On behalf of the Association's Board of Directors

Aaron Harrison

Managing Agent HOA

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