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August 31, 2023

Dear Valued Homeowners, 
We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to provide you with a quick update following yesterday's storm that passed through the Myrtle Beach area. We're pleased to inform you that, as of now, no damage has been reported to our office at this time. Our initial walk-through revealed only minor debris and pool maintenance needs with general cleanup but no significant issues were identified. It seems like the storm had minimal impact on property. The team will continue to monitor the situation and perform any necessary general cleanup to ensure the resort remains in great condition. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your property. 
Kind regards


Resort Association Management

August 28, 2023


Dear Owners,

As of today, Monday, August 28, 2023, the path of Tropical Storm Idalia remains undefined. At this time, we cannot predict how the event will impact our area.  For the most current information regarding the status of Tropical Storm Idalia and how it may affect our state please go to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division’s website at


We hope that the storm is uneventful and deteriorates by the time it reaches our area.  As a precaution, we are taking the necessary measures to secure the property. 


Here are a few preventative measures you or your guests can do to protect your unit in the event the storm strengthens…

Remove furniture and items from your balcony and store them inside your unit

Close and lock all sliding doors

Wedge towels between the sliding glass door and the threshold

Unplug televisions

Place towels at the base of your entry door and if applicable,  your wall mounted air conditioning unit


Resort Association Management will be utilizing the HOA’s website, to keep you informed of developments as they unfold at the resort.  



Resort Association Management 


March 30, 2023

Dear Valued Homeowners,

The Carolinian Resort Homeowners Association provides a range of services for the members, including internet and telephone service within each unit. When possible, services have been negotiated with multi-year contracts to minimize cost and reduce uncertainty in yearly budgeting. The contracts covering internet and phone services have reached the end of their terms and the Board has negotiated and signed a new contract for these services. The new five-year contract bundles broadband internet and phone services, and is with IPacket Network Texas, LLC. As such, this new contract represents a yearly cost reduction for the Association. This contract will entail several improvements that will occur in the coming months.

Beginning Monday, April 3, 2023 ,IPacket will be on site and will be entering units to replace various hardware components of the internet and phone systems with new, state-of-the-art fiberoptic equipment. This will include the installation of dual band WiFi 6 802.11ax access points in each unit. The work is expected to take three to four weeks to complete for the entire site, and the costs for equipment, installation and maintenance are included in the yearly fee. Service disruptions during the installation process are expected to be minimal. Please share this correspondance with your rental company. 

This new equipment will increase internet speeds for all units to 100MB and will upgrade the wireless internet service to WiFi 6 standards. Individual owners will also have the option to upgrade their unit to 1GB service through a subscription with IPacket. Additionally, the new system will bring the building into compliance with the Ray Baum Act, which requires phone systems to provide dispatchable location information when making calls to 911. You or your guests may contact Ipacket with any wifi issues or general questions at 1-877-912-1550.

We hope that the benefits of this change are well received by the members. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to RAM.


March 3, 2023
Dear Carolinian Owners,
We will begin Phase 2 of the Carolinian lobby on Monday March 6th and will take roughly 3 days to complete.  We will be painting, replacing ceiling tiles, artwork and lighting. 
We would like to also update our owners on the building waterproofing project. ..
Units 2133, 2132, 2033, 2032, 1933, 1932, 1833, 1832, 1733, 1732, 1633, 1632, 1533, 1532, 1433, 1432, 1233, and 1232 will be allowed to use their balconies starting today March 3rd at 5PM.
Units 1133, 1132, 1033, 1032, 933, 932, 833, 832, 733, 732, 633, 632, 533, 532, 433, 432, 333, 332, 233, and 232 will be allowed to use their balconies on Saturday at 5PM March 4th.
All units in the 30 and 31 stacks (Example 2031, 2030, 1930, 1931, 1830 and so on) will be pinned closed on Monday March 6th and barring weather will be ready for occupancy at 5PM on Sunday March 12th.   Please note this schedule is all dependent on the weather.  
Thank you.
February 9, 2023
Dear Carolinian Owners,
We are emailing to inform you of a change to the oceanfront side of the building waterproofing schedule. Multiple issues have been identified on the oceanfront balconies which will require us to grind off the existing deck coating and replace with a new deck coating system.  In addition we are having all of the rust, concrete issues, stucco issues, texture issues and handrail issues addressed. Below are the steps the contractor will be taking to protect the sliding glass door framing system. 


The contractors will be protecting the sliding glass door system with thick foam and covering the sliding glass door tracks with tape. Upon completion, the contractor will vacuum out the tracks and ensure that they are free of any debris.

This work will extend the length of drops 8 and 9 (Stacks 30,31,32,and 33) until March 8th barring any weather delays.  All oceanfront balconies will have brand new deck coating and all handrail pitch pockets addressed.  The handrails will not be painted as part of their scope. 

Please make sure all balcony furniture is placed inside the unit during this repair as well as notifying your rental company or guests.  Once the swingstage is no longer in front of your unit you will be free to place your furniture back on the balcony.

Thank you,

Resort Association Management
February 1, 2023
Dear Carolinian Beach Resort Owner,
We are reaching out to inform you of a few changes with the Carolinian painting schedule.  We are on schedule and we will be starting Drop 8 and 9 this week. Originally we had planned to start Drop 9 February 23rd but will be starting it this week since we are experiencing good weather.  We are attempting to get as much done as possible during these next 7 days on the ocean side of the resort. Please click this link Waterproofing Schedule to see the drops.  Please make sure your balcony furniture is removed to the interior of your unit while the contractors are working.  The contractor will be pinning the balcony door closed during this process to prevent you or your guests from stepping onto the balcony slab during the repair and painting process. The contractors will also be repairing any spalling concrete and stucco during this repair process. This should help us get the building back open more quickly to enjoy the warmer weather coming soon.  
We will also be closing down the North side of the covered pool area from February 6th through February 20th for repairs, painting and sprinkler head replacement.  We will then reopen the area and close down the South side of the covered pool area from February 20th through March 6th for repairs, painting and sprinkler head replacement.  We will do our best to keep as many amenities open as possible during the dates of February 6th- March 6th. 
Please note that you and your guests are allowed to use the pools at Carolina Grand, located across the street, while work is being done on the pools at the Carolinian.
We appreciate your support and patience while we improve the Carolinian Beach Resort.
Thank you,
Resort Association Management
December 28, 2022
Dear Carolinian Homeowner,

The entry door painting project will begin on January 2nd. It was originally planned to be started in November but due to the occupancy during the Holiday Season we pushed it back a bit.  The goal is to do 3 floors of entry doors per week pending any weather delays.  The exterior of the entry doors and their frames will be painted according to the schedule below. If your unit is occupied the painters will still paint the door if your guests are ok with it. If your guests prefer to not have the door painted while in the unit then we will attempt to paint that door during the last week of the project from February 6th-10th. The painting process will take 1-2 days depending on the drying time of the paint. The process will be as follows:

On day 1 the contractor scuff sand, clean with alcohol, then apply the first coat of primer/paint. If dry in time they will apply the second coat of paint the same day. If the first coat isn't dry on the first day then they will come back and apply the second coat on day 2. The door will be partially propped open during the drying process and the painters will close once it's ok to do so. Please make sure your guests know not to close the door if propped open. 
January 2nd-6th        floors 21,20, and 19
January 9th-13th        floors 18,17, and 16
January 16th-20th      floors 15,14,and 12
January 23rd-27th      floors 11,10,and 9
Jan 30th-Feb 3rd        floors 8,7, and 6
February 6th-10th       floors 5,4, and 3 
February 13th-17        floors 2 and punch list items.  They will also attempt to paint any doors that had to be skipped during this timeframe.
October 1, 2022
Dear Homeowner,
This is a follow-up on Hurricane Ian.  We have been on property multiple times since the Hurricane passed through evaluating the property.  We have also had a third party company perform a preliminary walk-through of the unit.  We did this so we would have an idea of how many units may be wet at the property.  Based on this information we will now engage a local restoration company to begin drying units.  They will be onsite either tonight or tomorrow morning.  They will be taking pictures and documenting their efforts to restore your unit. The drying process will protect your unit from mold and mildew.  We will be getting daily reports from the restoration company.  If your unit is occupied then please make sure your guests do not turn off the equipment or it could compromise the drying efforts. Based on what we have seen so far we believe drying should be completed by Wednesday at the latest. Please go to to find the status of your unit and the most recent updates.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to restore the property. -No longer applicable-


South Carolina Emergency Management Division

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