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Windy Village


Dear Windy Village Homeowner:


The information provided from Spectrum before the switchover and it has not changed..  Your HOA provides Digital formatted TV signal.

Some residents may currently use a digital set-top box to receive advanced services on one or more television sets within the residence. If they are doing so, they will not need to change this current box(s). Please note, however, that every television receiving service in the residence will require a digital set-top box going forward.


When this transition happens, the residents will have several options for acquiring the necessary digital equipment:

  1. They can go to a local cable store and pick up one free set-top box per unit and do a self-install on their TV.
    • If they need additional set-top boxes, they will be charged approximately $5.99/month for the extra devices. Special discounted offers may be available at the time of the transition, however (i.e., first year free).
  2. Or they can call 1-844-278-3409 and have the video equipment sent directly to their residence and do a self-install on their TV.
  3. Or they can call 1-888-Get-Spectrum (1-888-438-2427) and schedule a professional install for approximately $29.99 to $49.99.


***It is important to note that each resident will be responsible for their own equipment and will need to set up an account in their name.  If the equipment is lost or damaged they will be charged for the replacement.  When the resident moves out of the facility, they will need to return all equipment to Spectrum or transfer it to their new location.  New residents moving into the complex after the transition to all digital will also need to get Spectrum equipment in order to view Spectrum television.  They may do so by calling Spectrum or stopping by a Spectrum store.



All of us a Spectrum greatly appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your assistance during the All-Digital Project.




The paint that will be used for Windy Village shutters and doors.

It is Sherwin Williams paint, Color SW6458-Restful.  A gallon has been purchased of the Exterior, Resilience Grade, Satin Finish.

According to the vendor the shelf life is 3-5 years if stored in a controlled environment.

The paint will be stored in our unit (C3) utility room.  Please pass along to any other owners that may have a future need.



Yours truly,

The Board of Directors

Windy Village Homeowners' Association, Inc







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