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Patricia Grand


Dear Patricia Grand Owners,

As everyone is aware, we are in high gear and moving forward with repairs.  During the start of this process, our recommendation is to provide a four to six week forecast.  We have begun on the 18th and 17th floors, totaling 27 units. At this time, there are multiple units we have not gained access for various reasons.  We are working diligently on getting into those units, so we can completely start and finish a full floor at a time. If your unit does not have visible damage from the storm, you can rent your unit but we ask that you or your rental company block your unit during the dates listed below, specific to your floor.  We have placed your HO6 carrier on notice for both events and we are working out the details and more information will be coming shortly.  I know there may have been some confusion from the letter sent out from our office on October 12th.  A statement was provided “that all units were in good condition and ready for normal use” this statement was meant to be read that the units are dry from the storm and can be rented.  We have been holding off on repairs until the two different teams of engineers had a chance to review the interior and exterior of the building.  We did not want to start repairs until we knew what caused the initial damage.  We will be performing work, based on the information provided to us from the engineers, that would hopefully curb some of these issues in the future.  Please see the list of when your unit will be shut down for repairs.


The following schedule will be used:

Oct 22nd – Nov 9th we project completing 18th floor and 17th floor

Nov 5th – Nov 23rd we project completing 16th floor and 15th floor

Nov 19th – Dec 7th we project completing 14th floor and 12th floor

Dec 3rd – Dec 21st we project completing 11th  floor and 10th floor

Dec 17th – Jan 4th we project completing 9th floor and 8th floor

Dec 31st – Jan 18th we project completing 7th floor and 6th floor

Jan 14th – Feb 1st we project completing 5th floor and 4th floor

Jan 28th – Feb 15th we project completing 3rd floor and 2nd floor

**Please note in the dates above, progress will be overlapped. 

We are projecting the completion date as March 30th, 2019, taking into consideration holidays and any unforeseen circumstances.   In this schedule, we are not including the 19th floor, nor the units we completed prior to the Hurricane. 

Throughout this construction project, we will do our very best to keep everyone updated and on the same page.

Thank you



If you need a copy of the Flood Certificate of Insurance you may print it yourself, it is under the heading Insurance Summary.

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Patricia Grand

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