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Patricia Grand




                Patricia Grand Resort HOA, Inc.


May 14, 2019


To Owners in the 06 and 08 stacks:


The PTAC drain project will continue for the next 2 weeks and then the project will be completed.


06 stack – one balcony per room needs to be connected to an external drain. Timeline is Monday, May 20 – Thursday, May 23


08  stack – two balconies per room needs  to be connected to an external drain.  Timeline is Monday, May, 27 – Friday, May 31


We will not be blocking rooms for this project. There is no good time to have this done and due to the work being completed in the 06 stack caused by the drain lines, we must finish this before we have bad weather.  Please notify your rental company so they can advise the guests in these units that work will be ongoing during their stay based on the dates provided above. Balconies will be inaccessible while work is being performed and scaffolding will hang from the building obstructing views.  For privacy you will need to keep your drapes closed during the working hours of 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.


I recommend notifying your rental company advising them of the work to be performed, as well as the viewing and balcony issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for patience.



May 1, 2019



Dear Member,


We have been informed by USI Insurance Services that they are unable to find a carrier to provide competitive pricing for the bulk H0-6 insurance program covering all units at Patricia Grand Resort HOA, Inc.. Therefore, on May 26, 2019 your current H0-6 policy that was previously secured for you by the HOA will expire. You must take action prior to May 26, 2019 to ensure you do not incur a lapse in this essential insurance coverage.

A H0-6 policy is a necessity for condominium owners and includes insurance on all your personal belongings, furniture, fixtures and equipment, loss of rental income or loss of use and provides a liability insurance component in the event of an accident or injury in your   unit.

If you have a mortgage, your lender most likely requires a HO -6 policy. In addition, if you rent your unit your rental agent most likely also requires a policy with adequate coverage.

The Board of Directors has enacted a policy that all owners must obtain a H0 -6 policy and provide proof  of coverage to the HOA property manager (Resort Association Management) no later than May 26,2019.

We urge you to contact your insurance agent immediately to purchase a policy and to obtain a declaration page in order to provide proof of coverage to the HOA. A copy of this page must be forwarded to Resort Association Management. For your convenience, we have enclosed a prepaid postage envelope addressed to Resort Association Management for this purpose.

You may also fax your declaration page to 843-497-8577 or email it to


Should you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the ResortAssociationManagement office at 843-449-2204 and dial ext .4090.


On behalf of the Association's Board of Directors

Aaron Harrison

Managing Agent HOA



Dear Homeowner,
Due to multiple days of wind and rain during the project, as well as several issues with the city, we are slightly behind schedule. The exterior building repairs will continue until the 4/16/19.  At that point the exterior coating will need to cure out for 7 days where we cannot continue the exterior repairs during that timeframe.  It has been decided that we will open the pool deck on 4/16/19 for 7 days to help accommodate guests. Work will resume on the 4/25/19 on the outside of the building after the pool deck has been cleared and the pool drained.  
The interior repairs will continue as scheduled and we hope to have the units repaired on time however units cannot be occupied by guests for safety reasons until the scan climbers come off the building was scheduled for 5/1/19 has been extended until May 6th, again weather permitting of course. 
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this necessary project.



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