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Ocean Dunes Villa II



South Carolina Emergency Management Division


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unchartered territories together. We are eager to be able to return to business as usual, and hope that you are all doing well. We are doing our best to be accommodating as well as adhere to the CDC recommendations. For the most up to date information, please visit:


 Ocean Dunes Villa II  2021 Annual Meeting

Place: The Board Room on the second floor at Sand Dunes

Date: November 20, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm 



March 17, 2021

Dear Ocean Dunes Villa II Homeowner,

We will be painting the exterior of the unit main entry doors this Friday. This project will commence on March 19, 2021, after 12 pm.  This project's timeframe will be dependent on the weather as to when it will be complete but we are shooting for it to be just a one day project.  Please put your guests or your rental agents on notice.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and the Board appreciates your understanding while improving the property.
Your Board of Directors
Ocean Dunes Villas II HOA
c/o RAM


March 5, 2021


Dear Valued Homeowner,


  Please find the updated schedule below and links to a progress report with pictures as a brief update below for Ocean Dunes Villa II: (These documents are also located on the RAM website listed under Notices, ).  

We have run into some delays due to significant rot on the West side of the building.  We have had to engage an engineer to prepare a repair plan for this area on the building.  We are hoping to have all repairs completed before March 27th. (barring weather delays).  The contractor will  need to access units to paint the entry doors and door jambs. The contractor will also be painting the balconies if you have personal items on the balconies please have them moved to the interior of your unit as quickly as possible.  This would include, but not limited to, items on the walls  by your entry door or on your balcony walls.  The contractor will be performing this painting towards the end of the project on the off rental or non-rental doors. PROGRESS AERIAL PROJECT VIEW

The Board has also decided to upgrade the pool deck area. Please see the picture listed below under "notices". You will see outlined in blue the new shape of the pool deck.  The pool area will have 2 large umbrellas, a new pool fence and some new vegetation.   The pool deck and pool will be closed starting Monday March 8th. We anticipate the project to take about 6 weeks.  During the shutdown all guests and owners can use the North Shore pool. 


Thank you for patience while improving your property.



On Behalf of the Board of Directors




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